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Today, work stress relief is more important than ever to protecting your health. If you're like most, your job is probably a main cause of your stress.

      "80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly
      half say they need help in learning how to
      manage stress and 42% say their coworkers
      need such help...."

            National Institute of Occupational Hazard and Health

The customer's are demanding more from the companies, and the companies demanding more from you. This can lead to the perfect combination for chronic stress.

Common Causes Of Work Stress....

     Pay: Most people don't feel like their being paid enough. With costs on the rise, you may be feeling the pressure to make more.
Work Stress, Woman relieving work stress on laptopWork Stress Relief, Woman relieving work stress on laptop

     Demanding Boss: Pressure placed on your boss to perform
well will probably trickle down to you. Some pressures are the norm, but there are a few who go to the extreme.

     Heavy Workload: For me, there is no worse feeling on the job, than that I'm NEVER done. This is the feeling a heavy workload can give. It can leave feeling unaccomplished.

     Co-Worker Issues: It's inevitable that you will run into someone you don't get along with. Unfortunately, in the workplace it can be your trigger for stress.

     Physical Conditions: Does your job require you to work in uncomfortable conditions? No air conditioning, overcrowding, and improper seating are a few things that can contribute to your stress.

     Fear of Losing Your Job: This one rings true today for good reason. With such an unstable economy, businesses are having to cut cost. Unfortunately employees are the first things they cut.

The majority of your day is spent on the job. Making time for work stress relief will go a long way. If you're not sure whether you're stressed or not, Click here to learn what symptoms you should look for.

Your job may not provide you the luxury of time and a quiet place, so you must create it. You might say you don't have time. The truth is, you can always make time for the things that are important to you.

It's always best to avoid unnecessary stress if possible. Most work places provide resources to deal with co-workers and provide feedback on working conditions. The reality is, you may not be able to change your work conditions right now.

If this is the case, you will need to learn ways to relieve your stress. For back and wrist pains, the Desk Trainer program is a great option for relief.
Here are some other options for stress relief:

Office Playground

6 Easy Ways To Relieve Work Stress....

Here are some work stress relief ideas. These were chosen because they work well in the job setting. I'm sure you'll find at least one that could possibly work for you.

chewed pencil and keyboard, work stress relief
 1.) Aromatherapy: Make use of the natural calming effects of natural scents. You can use it in potpourri at your desk, in a perfume, or a candle. If you don't have a desk, and move around alot, spray the scent on a cloth, and smell during breaks for an instant calming.

 Some scents that are good for work stress relief are:

  •   Lavender
  •   Chamomile
  •   Rosemary
  •   Sandalwood
  •   Bergamot
  •   Citrus

2.) Music: It's amazing how quickly music can change your mood. Playing a soothing song while you work can do wonders for stress levels. This is one of my favorite work stress relief choices. It helps to drown out the workplace noise. This allows me to create a more relaxing environment.

If not able to access music through your work computer, carry a portable player. The technology today lets you take your favorite music everywhere. Some popular options are the CD player and ipod. Using headphones can help add that extra separation needed to relax.

Find Bliss

3.) Games: Take a break!....and have fun doing it. Play a game that you enjoy, or have your favorite stress toy handy. This helps to break the work trance for a moment, and allows you to have some fun. There are games you can play whether you have access to a computer or not.

Some games that can be played without the computer are card games(Solitaire, Hearts) and puzzles (Crossword, Soduko). There are tons of games available online as well. Check out the resources page for game website links.

4.) Self-Massage: There's rarely time to step out to the spa for a massage during work hours. Get the same relaxing effect while at it yourself. It may sound like a lot of work, but it's not.

 Massaging tense muscles helps them to relax, and in turn you relax.You can get more details and some moves for work stress relief on the massage relief page.

5.) Take A Breather: No seriously.....go outside and get some fresh air. Step outside for a quick stroll during your break. You'll be amazed at how refreshing a few minutes away from it all can be.

To kill two birds with one stone, pick a few days to walk during lunch and get some exercise too.

6.) Work At Home: Looking for a way to avoid your work stress?....change jobs! Finding a job that falls in line with your passion can drastically reduce your stress levels. Doing this while working at home reduces stress since you're away from all of the pressures of an office.

Want to learn more about working at home?....Not sure where to begin? here for some resources to get you started.

      Work Relief Products....

foot roller and massage ballEnvirascape Illuminated Rock Garden Fountain

    Foot Roller & Massage Ball       Illuminated Rock Garden Fountain

Homedics Handheld Mini Massager

       Handheld Mini Massage

Work stress relief is very important, but so is stress relief at home.Here you'll learn about some other natural stress relief methods you can try.

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