Top 10 Stress Relief Tips:

Looking for some stress relief tips? Here are my top 10 stress relief tips for helping to relieve and manage everyday stress........

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Tip #1 - Keep Positive
- Where the mind goes, the body follows. For this reason, try focusing on the positive of each situation. You'll find you stress less and are more happy overall.

Tip #2 - Just Say No!
- Don't be afraid to say no to people (in a nice way of course) when you're "plate" is already full. You're no good to anyone.....including yourself, if you're burnt out.

Tip #3 - Don't Sweat It
- Learn to let the little things go. Stressing or getting upset over these things will end up damaging your body and relationships.

Tip #4 - Don't Forget To Breathe
- It's inevitable that you'll be faced with stressful situations. A quick way to calm down is to breathe in....and breathe out. Even if it seems a little silly, try it. I use this all the time, and find it works great.

Tip #5 - Make Yourself a Priority
- All work and no play is a recipe for a meltdown when stress hits. The chemicals released when you're doing something you enjoy help balance  out the changes triggered during stress. This is true whether you relax in a warm bath, or get out and play your favorite sport.

Tip #6 - Laughter & Tears

- Laughter is a great way to release stress. Make time for your favorite comedy or having a good time with family and friends. You'll release a lot of built up tension and feel better.

Ever get the urge to cry when you are going through a lot?.....let it out! This is the body's way of relieving the pressure from stress. Trust me, you'll feel much better afterwards.

Tip #7 - Meditation
- Meditation helps to relax your mind and body. You learn to focus on the present moment and on becoming more aware of stress triggers....this puts YOU in control. The relaxed state during meditation gives the body a chance to rebalance. 

Tip #8 - Massage
- Your muscles carry the tension when you are stressed. A good massage helps to relieve it. Your body gets a chance to come down from it's stressful state. Throwing in some aromatherapy can help even more with relaxation.

Tip #9 - Music

- Taking a break from your busy day to listen to some relaxing and mellow music can go a long way. Music's affect on the mind and body is very powerful. Tap into that by using it to help relieve your body and mind of stress.  Smooth jazz, R&B and natural earth sounds are my favorites to relax to.

Tip #10 - Exercise
- Making time to give your body a workout can also help with stress. The energy used to exercise helps relieve built up tension and pressure in the body. Whether you take a brisk walk on your lunch break, or play a couple rounds of're doing your body some good.  

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