Tai Chi: 

Stress Relief In Motion...

You may already know a little about Tai Chi. What you may not know is that it's a natural way to relieve your stress.

What is it?...

It was originally developed as a method of self-defense in China. Today it's also well known for its health benefits.

It consists of gentle gliding movements made up of a series of poses. It's similar to yoga in that sense, except that you are in constant motion.

tai chi pose, natural stress relief
The focus here is on your breathing as well as movements. You can perform it in long form, which is about 20 minutes long, or 5 to 10 minute short form versions.

There are several different styles:

  •   Chen
  •   Yang
  •   Sun
  •   Hao
  •   Wu
  •   Zhao Bao

It focuses more on technique than strength. You can practice it for exercise and stress relief, or competition.

How it's done....

It's best practiced in a class with a well qualified teacher for beginners. This way you can learn not only the correct positions, but the proper way to coordinate your breathing.

You perform a series of poses, but you don't hold each pose like in yoga. You go through each pose slowly and without stopping. The result is a stream of motion that looks a lot like a dance.

Once you are familiar with how to do it, you can practice anywhere you want to. There are no equipment requirements and it's designed for small spaces. Here is a good place to look for Tai Chi products, here's a good place to look.  lists some items that may help you get started.


  •  Increases Flexibility
  •  Increases Muscle Strength and Tone
  •  Increases Energy and Quickness
  •  Improves Balance and Coordination
  •  Improves Cardio Fitness
  •  Reduces Stress
  •  Reduces Anxiety

Possibility of injury if practiced incorrectly.

You can find more information on Tai Chi on the resources page.

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