Stress Symptoms: 

What To Look For...

You may be experiencing stress symptoms and not even know it.

Stress is a normal part of your life and does serve its purpose, but too much of it causes problems. 
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 I dealt with things like headaches and muscle pain for years. I thought it might have been stress, but was too busy to take the time to find out.

After the negative effects of stress began to hit close to home, it definitely became a priority.

"Are you overly stressed? How do you know for sure? "

There are
3 types of stress symptoms to watch for......

Physical, mental and emotional. You may experience symptoms from all three, or only one or two.

Being able to identify your stress symptoms is very important. It could ultimately mean the difference between your fulfilled life or premature death.  

Physical Symptoms

These symptoms are those felt in the body. Headaches, back and muscle pain are two of the most common. Below are a few you may or may not be aware of:

  •  Heart Disease Horror : Is caused by high blood pressure that can come from stress. It can easily lead to heart attack and stroke.
  •  Digestive System Blues : Is a result of the apple and measuring tape, health, stress symptoms, natural stress reliefslowed digestive process. Indigestion and upset stomach are common symptoms.
  •  Skins Itchy Situation : Stress can irritate existing skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis causing them to flare up.
  •  Growth Stops Here : Yes, stress actually can slow growth, as it slows release of the growth hormone.
  •  Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow : You may be losing those lovely locks thanks to stress. It sends hair growth into a dormant state and the hair eventually falls out. I'm sure you can see how this could be a problem....unless you're already bald.
  •  Change in Weight : Either up or down, your weight can change in response to stress. Poor decision making when choosing what to eat when stressed is a contributing cause. It is also believed the hormone Cortisol released during stress promotes abdominal body fat.
  •  Sex Drive Decreased : The change in hormone levels caused by stress can negatively effect the sex drive.
  •  The Cold that Won't Quit : Stress affects the immune system's ability to fight of illness. This could leave you with the constant "cold" feeling....the cold that just won't quit.
  •  Teeth Grinding : Tension in jaw muscles caused by stress can lead to them grinding together at night.
Some additional stress symptoms are:

  •   Too Much or Too Little Sleep
  •   Nail Biting
  •   Overreacting
  •   Seeking Alternate Means of Relaxing(drugs, alcohol..)
  •   Procrastinating

Mental Symptoms

  •  Concentration Troubles : Adrenaline released during stress can make it hard to stay focused. Short term stress aids in focus, but long term hinders it.
  •  Memory Meltdown : Long term exposure to some stress hormones prevent the brain from getting its needed supply.
  •  Faulty Judgment Calls : Poor decision making is a direct result of concentration troubles. The inability to concentrate can lead to poor decisions.

Some other mental symptoms are:

  •    Constant Worry
  •    Negative Thinking
  •    Unclear Thoughts

Emotional Symptoms

  •   Easily Agitated
  •   Moodiness
  •   Feeling Overwhelmed
  •   Irritable
  •   Loneliness
  •   Restlessness
  •   Depression
Check out the relief products page for items that can help with stress relief.

Now you know how to identify your stress symptoms. It's time to find out different ways to relieve your stress..

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