Stress Relief Music: 

What's Your Favorite Song...

Stress relief music is a great option for natural stress relief. This is because music is an excellent mood changer.

Think about it....sad songs tend to make you sad, and happy songs tend to make you happy. When you're in the mood to dance, upbeat songs enhance that mood. Find a style you enjoy, but also sets the mood you want.

Stress relief on the go....

The great thing about it is that you can take it pretty much anywhere you go.
Today's technology makes it so easy to do. Upload the songs to your phone, i-pod, or the good old CD player and you're good to go.girl with headphones, music stress relief, natural stress relief

Although not necessary, sneaking away to your favorite quiet spot will help to enhance it's relieving effect.

I find that listening to slower tempo songs in the car helps me deal with the bad drivers and traffic. Be aware of the tempo(beat), or you could find yourself more wired than relaxed.

Other times it can be included for its relaxing effects are....

  •  While doing housework
  •  In the background at work
  •  During the evening meal
  •  Before going to sleep
  •  Dealing with any stressful event

Why it works....

It is so effective in soothing because of the changes it triggers in the body. Your breathing and heart rate slows down. This causes the body to go into relaxation mode, reversing the stress response.

This change triggers a domino effect that can overtime undo the symptoms caused by stress. Lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and more relief from muscle pains are a few of the benefits possible. It also takes your mind off of everything else for a moment.

Here is a great source for some soothing music, or check our the resources page.

Stress relief music is only one of the many options for natural stress relief. Here are some others....


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