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Relax Your Mind...

Stress relief meditation has became popular due to increasing levels of stress  experienced today. Originally meditation was practiced in religion. Like yoga, it is still used in religion today.

What It's About?....
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When meditating, your goal is to learn to mentally focus and relax deeply. You're taught to focus on the present moment only.

Leaving all the analyzing at the door teaches you how to slow down
and enjoy the moment....ultimately reducing stress caused by worry about the past or future.

There is another benefit beyond just a more relaxed body. Your new  "focus on the present"  mentality can help you identify stress triggering emotions and control them. This is one that I've gotten pretty good at, and has really made a difference.

There are many different types of stress relief meditation methods, but they all require the same thing.....some type of mental focus and relaxation.

How It's Done....

You want to make time for 20 minutes of silence with no disturbances. There are no equipment requirements. Comfort is important, so you may choose to sit on a pillow.

The common position used is the crossed leg sitting position with your arms resting on your knees. You can either have your eyes open or closed. I keep mine open to avoid any unexpected napping. Any comfortable sitting position will's about YOUR comfort.

Although not required, I like to add aromatherapy scents to further set the mood.

Practice makes perfect....Don't worry if you don't get it the first time. Once comfortable you can choose to focus on your breath or an object.

Wai lana Meditation


  •   Helps reduce stress, and its symptoms
  •   Can be done anywhere with no special equipment
  •   No teacher required (There are many resources out there that    can teach you how to do it.)
  •   Can improve your emotional stability
  •   Can improve your ability to focus
  •   Can improve your breathing
  •   Deeper level of relaxation

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