Stress Relief Massage: 

Your Escape From Stress...

After a long and busy day, what better than a stress relief massage to relieve some stress.....Dim the lights.....light some candles....and grab the massage oil.....Ahhh.

 Types of Stress Relief Massages...

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Basic Back Massage: also called a Swedish Massage, you will usually remove your clothing, and lay on a massage table (usually about thigh high) under a towel or blanket. The room is usually dimly lit with soft music playing. Once ready, the massage therapist will enter the room and then massage your back, arms, legs, head and a small portion of the chest. This type is more of a top layer massage. Average pressure is usually applied.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief Massage: Basic massage that includes the use of natural or essential oils. The scents are chosen for their relaxing and healing benefits.

Deep Tissue Stress Relief Massage: Focuses on massaging the deeper layer of muscles and tissue. It's usually used for severely tight muscles, posture problems and injury recovery. You can expect some soreness for a day or two after this massage.

Hot Stone Massage: Smooth, heated stones are placed on parts of the body to loosen the muscles, and balance energy. Light pressure may be placed on the stones for a light massage.

Reflexology: Pressure is applied to the foot in areas that correspond to systems and parts of the body.

Shiatsu Stress Relief Massage: The massage therapist places their finger on specific points and applies pressure. The points followed are like those used in acupuncture. It is supposed to help with balance and energy.
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Tai Stress Relief Massage: Also includes finger pressure placed on specific points of the body. Includes stretches into positions similar to yoga.

Neuromuscular Therapy: Pressure is placed on specific points of the body to relieve pain. It helps to stabilize the nervous system after changes triggered by stress or trauma.

Thermal Stress Relief Massage: You are a placed in a massage bed that has jade emitters. These emitters are rolled up and down your body delivering heat while massaging the body. The heat (thermal) treatment helps to massage muscles and joints and relieve pain.

It is also a great way to detox, since the heat penetrates the body promoting waste removal at a cellular level.

For a professional massage, some massage therapist can come to you, or you can go to them. If they come to you, your massage could be performed in your home or at work (if allowed).

Most massage therapist offer their services through a spa.

What Is A Spa?......

To understand what a spa is, you have to first understand the different types of spas:

1.) A Day Spa: is the type you may be familiar with. You can stop by to get massages, but also other treatments for your body. They are usually separated from any other part of the building. It should be in a quiet, mood set area. They can range in facility size and quality. For this reason you will find a range of prices for the services.
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2.)  A Destination Spa: is focused on helping you develop a healthy lifestyle. They can provide nutritional information, fitness and stress reduction classes, massages, and teachings on how to bring the good habits home. They usually require you to stay a few days. Prices usually include all of the services provided and meals.

3.)  A Resort Spa: is similar to a destination spa. Provides nutritional information, classes, and a restaurant. The cost of these are not included in the price. They also can range in size and quality, again affecting the prices available. Some include activities like golf and swimming, and a place for the kids.

I'm sure you want your spa experience to meet your expectations, so do your homework. Know what you want and who can provide it.

If you can afford it, a professional massage from a massage therapist is usually worth it. You can be pretty sure it will be done right so that you get the full effect. Here you'll find a great spa finder resource for locating a spa in your area.


Serenity Health

Some Low Budget Options....


When you don't have the time or resources for a professional massage, try a self stress relief massage. Basically it is what it sounds like....a stress relief massage you perform on yourself.

Your massage can incorporate rubbing, kneading, vibrating and stroking. Here are some moves you can try:

o Scalp Massage: For this one, you place your hands on each side of your head. You can then move your fingers in a circular motion on your scalp. I like to actually move my fingers into different areas of my head while squeezing the scalp. This is a good way to  release some steam .

o Shoulder Massage: Take your right arm across the front of your body to your left shoulder. Grip the back of your shoulder near your neck and squeeze. Again you can also use a circular motion on the muscle. Repeat with your left arm and right shoulder.

o Sinus Relief: Place your fingertips on each side of your nose near the bridge point on your face. With light pressure, move your fingers up and out on your face, passing under your eyes.

If you're anything like me, you like visual guidance as well. Check out the resources page for videos showing different self-massage techniques.


Setting up your own  home spa  experience is easier and cheaper than you think. After balancing my job, family, and housework all day I don't have much time or money to run out to the supplies, massage, natural stress relief

 I've learned to take control and create my own place of peace andtranquility....there's more than one way to relax a mommy.

Here is what you need to do to make it happen.....

o Take a Time Out: You have to make sure you can dedicate some time to relaxing with no interruptions. If you have children, try working with your spouse other family members or a babysitter to free up some time.

o Turn Down The Lights: The lighting will create the mood. Either adjust your light switch, or turn them off and use candles.

o Sooth the Senses: Turn on some soft music that you find relaxing. You can also use any aromatherapy scents. They work well in candles or bath products that can help to enhance your relief and relaxed state. My favorite is the lavender scent. I use them in my candles and bubble bath and after bath lotion.

o Complete The Package: While you're at it, why not give your hair and face a little  TLC (tender loving care). You can take the opportunity to condition your hair and give yourself a mini-facial.

Massage Products....

Here are some massage relief products that may help to enhance your home spa experience.


Foot Massage and SpaFoot and Body Massage Roller     
        Foot Massage and Spa            Foot and Body Massage Roller

Hand held Heated Body Massagershea butter paraffin spa

 Heated Hand held Body Massager      Shea Butter Paraffin Spa  

A stress relief massage is only one of the many options for natural stress relief....Here are some others you can try.

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