Stress Relief Games: 

What's Your Favorite Game?

What are your favorite stress relief games?  A surprise to some, confirmation for others.....yes, games can relieve your stress. This rings true whether you like a round of tennis or a game ofplaying cards, deck of cards, stress relief gamesv solitaire.

Most stress relief games are quick and easy to access. In our highly 
digital age, online stress relief is easy to find.

The goal is to find a game that you enjoy.


These games can be played as offline or online stress relief options:

          o Board Games (Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers, Chess)
          o Card Games (Solitaire, Hearts, Spades, UNO, Go Fish)
          o Dominoes
          o Mind Games
          o Puzzles (Soduko, Crossword)
          o Charades

          o Basketball
          o Golf
          o Soccer
          o Tennis
          o Volleyball

There are two things you have to remember:

  •   Games you use for stress relief usually should not involve violence, or   increase tension and anxiety.
  •   Balance, balance, balance is the key....too much gaming can create more stress from poor time management.

Office Playground

Why it works?....

Simply put, the game serves as a distraction and can provide stress relief laughter. It takes your mind off of your stress and provides an outlet. By focusing on something you enjoy doing, everything else for a moment fades to the background........sounds pretty good, huh.

This "moment of distraction" gives your body a chance to regain it's normal balance after experiencing stress.

Outdoor games like tennis or basketball help reduce stress in another way. The physical activity reduces the amount of stress hormones released into the body. This reduces your stress, as well as the symptoms it can cause.

Below are a few games to try. Check out the resources page for more links to free online stress relief games.

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