Stress Relief Articles 

Here are some stress relief articles on topics that can help you find relief from stress.

o  Top 5 Immunity Boosters
  By: Dekesha Grannum                               November 9, 2009
- Here are my top 5 immunity boosters to help you fight off the viruses of the cold & flu season...

o  Job Loss Stress
  By: Dekesha Grannum                               September 14, 2009
- When you're anticipating or have lost your job, it brings a whole new level of stress. This article has information to help you deal with it, and resources to come out of it. 

o   What Is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?       
     By: Christian Nordqvist
                                                                                        July 3, 2009

- A great article from Medical News Today on what Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is, as well the causes, symptoms and treatment options.

o   How Adolescent Girls Manage Stress       
University of Gothenburg   (
                                                                       June 24, 2009

       - Teenage stress among girls is on the rise. This article shows            what can be done to reduce and manage it.

o   Partner Relationship As A Buffer Against Stress       
University of Gothenburg  (
                                                                                       June 24, 2009

- A good relationship with your partner can go a long way with stress relief. This article explains how.

o  3 Ways Stress Causes Weight Gain       
    By: Dekesha Grannum                        
        December 21, 2008

- Learn how the stress in your life can cause weight gain, and ways you can fight it.

o  Manage Your Money, Manage Your Stress      
    By: Dekesha Grannum                                 October 24, 2008

- Do you stress over money? This article will show you how learning to properly manage your money can help reduce money stress.

o  Where The Mind Goes, The Body Follows
  By: Dekesha Grannum                               August 14, 2008
- an article focused on how positive thinking can help to relieve and reduce stress.

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