Stress Hormones: 

What They Are, What They Do...

When the body experiences acute or chronic stress, there are two major stress hormones that are released:

  •    Cortisol
  •    Norepinephrine

Cortisol is the hormone that is

responsible for increased blood pressure, blood sugar, and suppressing the immune system. It provides that extra boost of energy when needed for a quick get away.

When this hormone is released frequently or for long periods of time, its effects can be dangerous. High blood pressure and diabetes are common health problems that can occur.

Norepinephrine is the hormone that causes the heart rate to increase, stored glucose(simple sugar) to be released, and increased blood flow to the muscles.

This hormone like Cortisol, plays a major part in helping you to escape dangerous situations. It's effects from long or frequent exposure are very similar to Cortisol.

The increased heart rate can cause high blood pressure, and the stored glucose(simple sugar) that's released can also cause diabetes. Back and body muscle pain can occur due to the tension in the muscles caused by this hormone.

By learning how to properly manage stress, you can help to reverse the symptoms of it.

 Be sure to check out the list of natural stress relief options for ways to relieve your stress and keep these hormones in check.

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