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No one likes headaches.....period. The ones caused by stress are no exception. Finding stress headache relief is not always easy. Although you have the option of using medication to find relief, here I'll share some tips for finding natural stress headache relief.

stress headache relief
Tip #1 - Identify The Cause
Get to the root of the problem and identify the cause of your stress. If it's not obvious, you can track it down by keeping a stress journal. You'll keep track of when you feel stressed during the day. Is it money or relationships that stress you most? You can only take the steps needed to manage your stress if you can identify the source of it.

Tip #2 - Make Time To Relax

Headaches can be caused by tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. Making time to relax after a stressful day can help relieve this tension. You can use hot compresses with a heating pad on the muscles to relax them. A good massage will also do the trick. Other good ways to relax the body is through yoga and meditation. Including aromatherapy scents like lavender  and some relaxing music is a great way to enhance this time.

Tip #3 - Use Pressure Points
Using acupressure to relieve your stress is a quick way to relief. I use this method a lot when I experience a headache. Here is a good resource for learning how to do it.

Tip #4 - Watch Your Posture
Be careful of your posture when sitting. Poor posture for extended periods of time can lead to muscle tension in the shoulders that can trigger headaches. This is something that is most common at work.  Want to learn how to avoid this?...Click here .

Tip #5 - Get Some Sleep

I found myself battling headaches frequently when I failed to get enough sleep. Your body is not able to handle stress as well when sleep deprived. Making sure you get your zzz's is an easy way to avoid stress headaches.

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