Sleep Stress Relief: 

Don't Forget Your ZZZ's...

Sleep stress relief is more important than you think.

How many hours of sleep do you get a day?
It's something you may take for granted, but is very important to your health.

sleep and stress relief

You may have heard that your body repairs itself when you
sleep. This is true in the sense that your body is allowed some down time.

Sleep stress relief helps the body like every other natural stress relief method does. It allows the body's stress hormone levels a chance to return to normal after stress is experienced.

Why Is Sleep Important? .....

The hormones released when we experience stress were only meant to be at those levels for a short period of time. Long periods at these high levels usually lead to stress related sickness and disease.

These are some things that happen if you are sleep deprived:

o  Stress hormone levels remain at high unhealthy levels
o  Concentrating throughout the day becomes difficult
o  Cellular skin repair is prevented
o   You feel tired and irritable throughout the day

Some hormonal changes needed for healthy development and growth happen when you sleep. For this reason sleep is not only important for adults, but children as well.

The Right Amount Of Sleep...

So what is the recipe for a good nights sleep?

1. The recommended hours of sleep:

o Adults: 8 hours.
o Children: usually need about 10-13 hours
o  Infants: usually require 16-20 hours.

2.  The quality of sleep is just as important as the number of hours. Tossing and turning, or having your sleep interrupted can still leave you tired as well.

We don't live in a perfect world. So sleep doesn't come easy to everyone. You may have a new little one, or just find it hard to fall asleep.  Here are some things you can do to help get those zzzz's.....

o  Exercise - You may find it's nervous energy keeping you up. Burn it  off with a good exercise routine.

o  Set the mood
- Try changing the setting when time for bed. Dim the lights, and even try some relaxing scents. It will help relax you and relieve stress as well.

o  Get into a routine
- This works great for kids, and may also work for you. By having a bedtime routine, your body is trained to shut down at a certain time.

o   Try Herbs
- Herbs like Valerian are known to help with insomnia and nervousness. If you haven't used them before I would recommend checking with your doctor first.

o   Seek professional help
- If you find that nothing works for you, seek the help of a professional.

Making sleep stress relief a priority can mean the difference between a healthy body, and an ill one.  When I break this rule (yes, it does happen) I usually find myself in an immediate battle with headaches and colds. I have to constantly remind myself to get back on track.

Check out the resources page, and 
products page to find good resources on sleep and stress relief methods to help you get there

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