Sex And Stress Relief: 

A "Pleasing" Combination

Sex and stress relief are more closely related than you think. Your body needs a way to relieve the stress that you experience everyday. There are several ways to naturally do this. Why not tap into one of natures natural medo not disturb sign, sex and stress!

Total Body Benefits...

It's good for more than just physical pleasure, and reproducing. Here are some other benefits you may not have known about:

  o   Weight Loss- It's a form of physical exercise for your body. Burn off those calories and have fun doing it.

  o  Breathe Of Fresh Air - The heavy breathing during sex allows more oxygen into the body. This helps the body's overall functions, and with relaxation.

  o  Sleep Aid - After an intimate encounter, you may find sleep comes easy.

  o  Increased Estrogen - During sex your estrogen levels are increased.  This is a great way to get the benefits of estrogen naturally. 

  o  Pain Reliever - Decreased blood flow from the head during sex helps relieve headaches. Endorphins released during sex serve as a natural reliever for pains from arthritis too. 

  o  Improved Immunity - Having sex once or twice a week has been shown to  increase the body's levels of Immunoglobulin A....the first line of defense against colds and flu.

  o  Stronger Bladder - Strengthened by the thrusts during sex, stronger pelvic muscles make it easier to control your bladder.

  o   Stress Relief- Stress is released during the physical workout you get engaging in sex. The "feel good" Endorphins released also help ease the effects of stress on the body.  Starting with a nice massage doesn't hurt either.

Gifts For You Now

Sex and stress relief make for a beneficial combination.....but too much stress can reduce your sex drive. If this is your situation, learning to manage your stress first might be needed.

Although it can be a very enjoyable way to relieve stress, sex is only of several  methods. Check out these other natural stress relief methods......


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