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Prayer stress relief is probably something you've never considered. Life's stress can sometimes be overwhelming. This is because we try to take on stress by our own strength. We handle stress the way we think is best. If you're like me, you've found this way does not always work. Prayer stress relief allows you another option......prayer stress relief

What Is Prayer?....

So what is prayer exactly?....It's a tool you use to communicate with God. It's a pouring out of your heart to God. Prayer is used to cry out to God in times when guidance or strength are needed.  It is also used to praise and thank God for what you've been blessed with in your life.

Communication is two-sided, so hearing from God after you pray is also important. This requires a relationship with him. You can develop this through studying the bible.......also called his word.

Keep in mind this is not like the "genie in a bottle". Not everything we want is good for us. We have to trust that he will only allow what's best for us. 
God's love is there for anyone who will ask him into their heart. 

How It's Done....

There are different ways to pray.  

o Some people pray out loud, expressing a lot of emotion.  
o Others choose to pray quietly to themselves.  
o You can even come together with others and pray.

You can pray while on your knees, or be up moving around. I like to find a quiet place with no distractions and sit quietly when I pray. There's no requirement for how long your prayer must be, but your heart must be sincere.

Stress Relief Benefits....

There are two major benefits of prayer stress relief....

o  The weight of your stress is lifted from your shoulders because you've allowed God to take on your cares or worries.

o  The time you spend in quiet prayer also gives your body a chance to come down from a stressful day.

Because it has no health or physical limitations, anyone who chooses to believe in God can pray . Do you want to learn more about God and prayer?.....well here is a good place to start

The book "Peace Be Still" is a great daily journal resource. It provides great motivational thoughts, and a place for writing down your own reflections. 

peace be still

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