Pets Stress Relief: 

Relief At Your Feet...

It's true! Our furry little friends are actually an excelledog, pet stress reliefnt source of stress relief. Pets stress relief can:

o Improve Your Mood: They tug on your leg, jump on your lap, and lick your can you stay mad after that?

o Reduced Stress: The calmness that they bring helps to reverse the effects of stress. Causing the symptoms of stress to be decreased or eliminated.

o Improved Physical Health: The physical activity you get from walking or playing with them can help to improve your health.

o Reduce The Feeling of Loneliness: They love to be around you, and show it. The noise that fills your home when they are around can reduce the lonely feeling silence can bring.

o Make Socializing Easier: You weren't meant to be alone. They make it easier to meet people while walking them in your neighborhood or the park.

They are commonly brought into hospitals and nursing homes to provide a
"pick-me-up" to the patients and residents. They provide a distraction from the negative things going on around them.

Nothing is for everyone. For those who love animals and have the time to care for them properly, this is a great option for natural stress relief.

Want to try pets stress relief but don't have a pet? Click here to find available pets in your area.

Here are some more ways to achieve natural stress relief.


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