Lavender Review: 


Lavender is a popular aromatherapy scent and essential oil. This lavender review will help you learn more about it and how it can help you. I'll share with you some facts, as well as my own thoughts.

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 A Little History...

The word lavender comes from the Latin word "lavare", meaning to wash.  In the 1800's the lavender plant was used to keep the fabrics smelling fresh.

Ways To Use It...

o  Massage:   Use the oil or lotion form to help further relax the body during a massage.

o  In Your Pillow:  You can place a sachet of lavender in your pillow or spray the mist spray. You can also purchase a lavender eye pillow  to use while sleeping.

o  Herbal Tea:   Brew some leaves for a relaxing and soothing cup of lavender tea.

o  Bath Time:  Use it in the shower or bath to help relieve stress or achy muscles.

o  Perfume:  Dilute the oil and apply it to the skin for a lovely scent that will follow you through the day. 

It's Benefits...

Here are some of lavender's benefits:

        o induces sleep                               
o used as a disinfectant
        o eases stress and depression           o used for minor burns   
    o tension relief
        o sinus congestion relief
o achy muscles relief

My Thoughts...

How I Use It:
Like most people I deal with stress daily. I've gotten pretty good at managing it, but still experience the occasional headache or tension. I love to use the Lavender in it's body spray form at work. I keep a bottle at work since this is where I have to deal with the most stress.

I also like to use it at bath time. The body wash, bubble bath or bath salts are all ways I enhance this time I have to myself. After a long day it's perfect to help me relax. You can use lavender in your pillow as well, but I like to spray a light mist on top of my pillow at night.

The Scent:
It]s scent gets your attention, but is not too sweet or intrusive.

The Products:
Lavender products are relatively easy to find and inexpensive. Whether you like to shop in the store or online, there is a convenient source. Being able to find them in so many different forms makes it easy to find a way to find relief throughout your day.

Here is a list of products you can find it in:

o  Bath Products (salts, scrubs, bubble bath, oils)
o  Candles 
o  Carpet Powders
o  Face Care Products
o  Foot Care
o  Eye Pillow
o  Lip Care
o  Soap
o  Mist

Was this lavender review helpful? If you are looking for more information on aromatherapy and essential oils, check out the resources page.

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