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Speak To Your Subconscious...

You may have heard about it before, but what exactly is hypnosis stress relief? This was a question I also wanted the answer to. So I did some r
eswinging clock, hypnosis stress reliefasearch to find out.

What is it?....

When you are hypnotized, you are in a relaxed and focused state called a trance. It's similar to meditating, and this is when you can speak to your subconscious.

You can be hypnotized by a professional that you trust, or learn to do it yourself. This is a great resource for learning more about hypnosis and products available. There are books and videos that can show you how. For some methods, you can even record your own voice and play it back.

How it works for stress?.....

1.) You're more relaxed: The relaxed state you're in helps to reduce the release of stress hormones. As a result your body has a chance to come down and return to it's normal balance. Over time this will help to rid your body of the symptoms caused by stress....improving your health.

2.) Eliminates the root cause: Stress in your body is triggered when you're faced with something considered a threat. Whether it's getting nervous about interacting with certain people........or being under pressure due to a "full plate".

Hypnosis can help you by changing your thoughts or actions that trigger stress. For example, you can hypnotize yourself to be more confident. Eliminating the stress you feel when dealing with a pushy co-worker.

What about improving your organizational skills so that you have more time. This way you remove the stress caused by that "rushed" feeling.

The Pros....

  • Relieves stress, improving health
  • Has lasting effects
  • Easy to do

It may not be a good option for those who are not open-minded to it. This type of mind set can make it hard to reach the mental state needed to reap the benefits.

Now that you've learned about hypnosis stress relief, click here to learn about some other natural stress relief options.

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