Decorating For Stress Relief: 

Create Relief At Home...

How can you bring your favorite relaxing spot home?....Decorating for stress relief. It's the perfect option when you can't get away as often as you'd like? 

decorating for stress relief

Finding stress relief at home is as
easy as creating it. By decorating your room in a way that encourages relaxation, you can also decrease stress. Since everyone's different, there's no "one style fits all", but here are some suggestions to get you started:

o  Use warm neutral colored wall paint in the tones are my favorite.

o  Keep the lights low. Use warm lighting to help with relaxation. (I find the oriental paper lamps work great)  

o  Use accessories like a small relaxing fountain or a soothing sound machine to help create the mood.

o  Use soft pillows and sheets if for your bedroom.

o  Using a soothing aromatherapy scent will also aid your senses in reaching that relaxed state.

o  Try adding live plants that have a tropical look and feel to them.

Thanks to the decor experts, there are styles that help you along your journey. Here are a few styles that I find encourage relaxationdecorating for stress relief, bedroom

o  Zen Style - focuses on keeping it simple
o  Feng Shui Style - means "wind and water"
o  Japanese Style
o  Asian Style  

For other decorating for stress relief styles that may work for you, click here.

On A Budget?....

Don't have a lot of money to decorate? There are still ways to create a relaxing space, even when on a budget. The key is to get creative and think outside the box. Have an open mind and don't be afraid to try something new.

Here are a few things that you can try:

#1 Use Slipcovers - This is andecorating for stress relief, budget easy way to completely change the look of a chair. You get the new look, but can still always go back to the old one if you change your mind.

#2 Try Thrift -  They are often overlooked, but thrift stores can hold some create decorating items at really low prices. 

#3 Look For Sales - Keep your eyes open for sales on furniture or decor items. This way you get what you want, but at a price you can afford

#4 Create Your Own Accent Pieces - Can't afford the picture you want....create one yourself. Whether you use scrapes of cloth, dried leaves, this trick can help you save. 

        #5 Creative Use of Color - Choose wall coloring that stands           out, or has 
patterns to get the expensive look, at a low cost.

 Canopy Decor - Walmart          

For other resources to aid you in decorating for stress relief, visit the resources page.

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