What Is Chronic Stress?

Chronic stress is the result of stress left unmanaged. Unlike 
basic or acute stress, it has far more serious consequences for your health. Muscle pain, diabetes, and heart disease are a few of the conditions that stem from this type of stress.
elderly man, chronic stress

So what's the difference? It's natural for the body to experience acute stress. This response was placed in our human code for a reason. It's what the body was intended to experience. This type allows the body resting periods after each episode. 

The body responds to stress by releasing hormones. These hormones cause changes in the body that help you survive a threatening situation.

For a long time I was experiencing this type of stress and didn't even know it. Grinding teeth and headaches, along with an upset stomach were my uninvited guests. I eventually learned that these things were occurring because of my constant "state of stress".

These changes in the body were meant to be temporary, and I had clearly exceeded my limit. This type of stress occurs when the stress becomes continuous. During this time the hormone release is continuous. This is what most experience due to working conditions.

This type of pressure placed on the body makes it more likely that you will fall ill. It's becoming more common, as our day to day lives become more demanding. It is extremely important that you learn to identify and manage it to protect your health.

Check out common and creative ways to relieve your chronic stress.

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