Business Opportunities:

What Are You Hungry For?

You ended up on this business opportunities page for a reason..... Here I'll share with you my story, ways to make money at home, and some freebie resources to get you started.

What are you "hungry" for?......

o Spending more time with your family 
o Extra money to pay off bills?...
o A secure your financial future?......
ocreative outlet?.....

 What I Was "Hungry" For?...

I was first faced with this question a couple years ago. I'd gotten married, bought a home and was pregnant with our daughter. I was facing a whole new set of worries

I was hungry for everything I just listed above, and was determined to find the I began my hunt.

I started out focusing on network marketing. All of the business opportunities I looked at required I do the thing I dreaded most....approaching strangers with a sales pitch.

I hated to feel like I was bothering people and frankly didn't think this method was all that effective. I continued doing research knowing there HAD to be another way.....

My Hunt Was Over!.....

At a frustrating cross road I found Ann Seig's e-book called the "The Renegade Network Marketer".  As I read the e-book my excitement grew, and I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

The e-book showed me how to solve my #1 concern. It was the one thing the network marketing representatives don't tell you is even to get people ALREADY INTERESTED in what you are offering to COME TO YOU(Exciting, I know!)

I also found the website builder "Site Build It!" that not only shows you how to build a website using their tools, but also how to generate FREE TRAFFIC! Traffic is needed for  business opportunities to be successful.....which makes this a builder above the rest. Want more information? Click here for a quick video tour......or here for the full video tour.

Making Money At Home.....

Below I've listed a few ways to use one or both of the tools listed above business opportunities success. These options are great for College Students, Stay-at-Home Moms, name a few.

1.) Network Marketing  
            o Use "Site Build It!" to build a personalized site you                            control, and learn to generate free traffic. 
            o Read "The Renegade Network Marketer" to learn how to                  get interested prospects to come to you.

2.) Infopreneur
             Use Site Build It! to create a website based on something                you're passionate about. Site Build It! helps guide you                      through choosing the right topic, site design, traffic                        generation and more....

3.) Sell Your Service
              Do you have a service to offer? Use Site Build It! to                         promote it online. 

4.) Net Auctions 
              Use Site Build It! to take your e-bay auction business to the               next level.

Freebie Starters.....

Ready to get started? You'll have success with business opportunities if you are using the right tools.....Click here for FREE e-books on Network Marketing, Work At Home Moms, Service Selling, and Online Auctions.

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