Aromatherapy Stress Relief: 

Breathe In, Breathe Out...

As long as you're breathing, Aromatherapy stress relief (also called "fragrance therapy") is an option you can consider to naturally relieve your stress.

Aromatherapy Stress Relief: Lavender Oil

What Is It?..

Natural scents are a part of your
everyday. Some stop you in your tracks to enjoy them. Well this is the thought behind Aromatherapy stress relief...stop, smell and relax.

The natural or essential oils used come from plants. They've been used for their health and relaxing benefits for years.

Here are some popular scents....

o Bergamot: A great antiseptic, it's good for helping with acne caused by bacteria, and common skin irritations.

o Clary Sage: Is used for it's relaxing benefits. It helps to relieve stress and bring emotional balance.

o Chamomile: Relaxes the mind and body, and reduces skin inflammations.

o Eucalyptus: Stimulates the mind helping to improve concentration. Also used as an antiseptic as well as nasal and lung decongestant.

o Geranium: Has calming and relaxing benefits. Is also used as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, helping with skin problems.

o Lavender: Due to it's relaxing and tension relieving benefits, its used to relieve stress, anxiety and headaches.

o Lemon: Commonly used as an astringent and antiseptic. It helps with sore throats, and digestion issues.

o Peppermint: A good antibacterial, decongestant and muscle relaxer.

o Ylang Ylang: Used as an anti-depressant, relieves tentsion and fights bacteria, making it a good choice for acne.

A lot of these were new to me. I was surprised to find natural solutions to so many common health issues. My favorite scent is the lavender for its relaxing effect. I use the body wash to shower, and the spray on my sheets at bedtime. The scent makes it easier for me to relax and fall asleep.

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How It's Used....

Aromatherapy Stress Relief: PotpourriHere are some common uses:

o Air Freshener or Potpourri: Place the oil in a diffuser to enjoy the vapors, or in dried potpouri.

o In A Bath: Add a few drops and enjoy the benefits of the scent and positive effects it can have on your skin.

o Massages: What better way to enhance your massage than to include some relaxing scents.

o Create Your Own Perfume: Add  a few drops to some water, and presto!...You smell great and are relaxed at the same time. You can also make your own soaps and candles as well.

Note: Due to their concentration levels, it's important to dilute essential oils before use.


o Oils can improve skin condition
o Relieve Stress
o Can treat common health issues (Indigestion, skin inflammations, cold and flu...)
o Can promote better sleep
o Can be used to energize or relax
o Relieve migraines and headaches


It's important that you learn how to use essential oils properly to avoid any irritation.

Want to learn more about aromatherapy scents and their uses? Visit the resources page for additional sources.

Aromatherapy stress relief is only one method of natural stress relief available. Click here to learn about some others.

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