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 o     Lavender Love -

 A great source for               lavender bath & body products:

 o     Aroma Web - Learn more about                   different types of essential oils and               their uses:

 o     Aromatherapy and Bath Salts

 o     Aromatherapy Recipes 

 o     How Stuff Works: Aromatherapy - Learn more about the history,                 types and uses:

 o     Natures Garden Candles -  Purchase essential oil products, candles,             soaps and other bath products:

 o     Aroma World 4 U -  Information on using pure essential oils through            aromatherapy recipes. Get more information on essential oils, and                purchase products:

 o     Really Relaxing  -  Find a wide range of products to relax the mind               body and soul:                                                                                   

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  NOTE: The content of this website is for informational purposes only. Consult     a physician before attempting any of the natural stress relief options listed.

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