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Is Stress Making You Fat?
December 25, 2008

~~ Stress And Weight Gain ~~

I love the holidays, but hate what it does to my waistline. Something I didn't realize was that stress could be playing a part too.

Do your pants seem to fit a little more snug each year? Check out the article "3 Ways Stress Causes Weight Gain" at the following link:

~~ Health Tips ~~

Your health is so important. Without it you can't enjoy anything else in your life. Don't wait until you have a major problem before you take care of yourself.

Here are some quick tips:

o Include more colorful foods in your diet (salad, fruits,...etc)

o Try drinks like V8 and V8 fusion if you find it hard to eat your fruits and veggies.

o Find something you like to do that gives a good total body workout, and make time for it(tennis, salsa dancing...etc.). It's easier to stick with it if you enjoy it.

o Finally, slow down and enjoy the little things around you. Whether it's your family, favorite hobby, or just a beautiful view it can help keep your stress levels in balance.

The "Time For Me Catalog" is a great resource to help you on your quest for well-being......

copy and paste this link into your browser to visit them to learn more."

~~ What's New! ~~

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~~ Feedback~~

My goal is to provide information that is helpful to you. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions. Post them here.

The information provided in this e-zine if for information purposes only. Check with your physician before making changes to your diet.

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