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Stress Tip: Exercises for Stress Relief
September 02, 2009

~~Exercising for Stress Relief... ~~

One of the best relievers of stress is exercise. It works so well because it allows your body to release built up tension. Some fun ways to exercise are:

< Playing Tennis
< Racketball
< Kick boxing
< Swimming
< Dancing

Interval training (alternating high and low intensity) works great. You do the exercise at high intensity first for about a minute, then low intensity for about a minute. Do this for 20-30 minutes for a full workout.

So what types of exercises can you do using interval training?...Here are some of your options:

< Walk and Run alternation (outside or on treadmill)
< Stair Climbing
< Biking
< Aerobics classes

Here is a good resource for learning more about types of exercises and how to do them.

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