December 21, 2008

"3 Ways Stress Causes Weight Gain" 

By: Dekesha Grannum

Do you look in the mirror and wonder where those extra pounds are coming from? Although you can expect to hold onto a few extra pounds as you get older, there could be another reason for your growing waistline.
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Something you may not have considered is stress. Short exposures to stress is normal, but when you are exposed for long periods of time it can start to cause problems.

Here are 3 ways it gets you:

1.) Cortisol ~ One of the hormones released when stress is triggered is Cortisol. A lot of unhealthy changes are caused by this hormone. An increase in abdominal fat is believed to be one of them.

It reduces your metabolism and can increase hunger. This combination leads to more fat retained in the central area.

2.) Poor Food Choices ~ When you're stressed, you are less likely to make good food choices. You may have a busy schedule that requires you to eat on the go, grabbing unhealthy snacks. What happens when you feel overwhelmed, and you emotions take over?......You may reach for fatty comfort foods like ice cream or cookies that can just add to the problem.

3.) No Exercise ~ Exercise can play a key role in relieving stress. It also will help keep those unwanted pounds in check. If you're like most, you may not have the time or energy when done with your busy schedule.
Unfortunately, this allows the weight gain to continue.

"So How Do You Fight It?...."

Here are a few things you can try:

o  Make Time To Relax ~ Set aside some time throughout the day to step away from what you're doing. Incorporate a natural stress relief  method like yoga to help enhance the relaxing effect. Taking time out to  pamper yourself will give your body a break from the stress, and reduce the levels of Cortisol.

o  Plan Foods For The Day ~ By planning your meals and snacks for the day, you avoid unhealthy choices when in a rush. Pack healthy snacks you enjoy and keep them handy. Find quick and healthy recipe ideas that you can prepare to avoid unhealthy take-out foods.  Here's a good place to look to get started.

o  Exercise For Fun ~ Exercising is much easier to stick with if you enjoy it. Find something you can do that is a great workout, but is also fun. I used to go to the gym and get on the treadmills and bikes, but that got boring real fast.

I love the cardio dance and salsa workouts at workouts on demand. I can access tons of great workouts from my home. I can do it whenever I have time to, so it fits into my schedule.  To make your workout as effective as possible you can always get tips from a personal trainer.

**Make sure you check with your doctor before starting any new workouts**

Check out the natural stress relief page for more ideas for relieving your stress.

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